Sagit Agish


Sagit Agish (Sagit Ishmukhametovich Agishev) was born on the 19th January, 1905 in the village of Isangildy, Sharlic region, Orenburg province. He was educated at the Muslim School “Khusaniya”, the Orenburg Pedagogical College and the Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute.

He embarked on a literary career in the 1930s. He worked in the genre of prose. In his stories “Makhmutov” (1939). “Guys” (1939). “In Mazin’s House” (1940) the peculiarities of Soviet life in the 1930s are shown.

Patriotic feelings of Soviet People are described in his books “Ilmurza”, “A Horseman” (1942), “Akhmadulla” (1944), “To the Front” (1944), “My Three Months” (1944).

In his books “By the River” (1961), “Selected Stories” (1953),  “Two Dawns” (1961), “On the Way" (1967), “Gnedko” (1972) the author created multifarious images of his contemporaries.


Следующие персоналии

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