История хореографии

The national choreography of the Bashkirs

The features of everyday life of the Baskirs, image perception of natural surrounding, ancient rites are reflected in the art of choreography. The base of dance movements can be traced in woman’s and man’s dance movements. Man’s dance presented the imitation of clatter of horses' hoofs. Woman’s dance presented different labour processes: gathering of berries, spinning, koumiss preparation.

The Bashkir dances divided into:

  1. Historic-heroic: "Northern Cupids" ("Төнъяк амурзары"), "Karavansaray" ("Карауанhарай").
  2. Labor: "On a collective-farm" ("hауынсылар"), "Mowers" ("Бесәнселәр"), "Enamoured builders" ("Төзөуселәр") "Wood symphony" ("Урман моно");
  3. Household: "Bishbarmak" (bishbarmak- the Bashkir national food), "Dance of mountain eagle" ("Тау бөркөте бейеуе") and others;
  4. Ceremonial: "Lamentation" ("Сенләу"), "Gift" ("Йыуаса") and others;
  5. Humorous: "Three brothers" ("Өс туган"), "Sons of Timerbay" ("Тимер-байзын улдары"), "Gift" ("Буләк") and others;
  6. Game, lyrical: "Meetings at a stream" ("hыу юлында hылыу кыз"), "Burzyanochka" ("Бөрйән кызы"), "Zagida" ("Заhиза"), "Zarifa", "Seven girls" ("Ete ҡыз"), "Gulnazira" ("Гөлнәзир ә"), "Naza" and others.

Professional choreography

The existence of Bashkir professional choreographic art is connected with F.A. Gaskarov’s activity. He was the founder of the Bashkir Folk Dance Ensemble. The Ensemble appeared in 1939 year. In 1956 year F.Gaskarov issued the description of 8 stage dances created on the base of folk dance. These dances were the base for the repertoire of the Folk Dance Essemble named after F.Gaskarov. 

The Essemble is a winner of many prestige competitions and festivals. It has golden and silver medal and gained general acceptance. The Bashkir Folk Dance Ensemble is a visiting card of not only the Bashkir national culture but also the all-Russian art. 


Theatre of dance

The Theatre of Dance was established in Sterlitamak in 1991 year. The artists of the theatre are award winners of many Russian and Bashkir competitions.

The collective of the theatre was created by Halil Ishberdin, the Merited Artist of RB.

There are such historic dances as "Salavat", "Wolves", and picturesque performances from people’s life "Shakirdy","Burzjansky Dzhigits".Choreographic compositions "Dzhigits of Bashkortostan", "Golden eagles of Irandyk", "Ural Bait" glorify beauty, force and power of our people.

Sharpness in the collective repertoire is introduced by the dances of worlds' nations: Irish, Argentina, Chechen, Azerbaijan, Mari, Tatar, Chuvash, etc. 

In September, 2004 the Dance Theatre was headed by the national actor of RB, the winner of the State Award named by S.Yulaev Rif Gabitov.  

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