In the fulfillment of the order of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan R.Z.Khamitov dated July 18, 2011 “The cultural world of Bashkortostan” was established. The portal implements its activities with assistance of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the State concert Hall “Bashkortostan” and contributes to building Russian and world public opinion of the culture of Bashkortostan. Recent data had revealed that during all the years of operation of the web portal users from all over the world - the USA, China, Norway, Germany, Kuwait, Tukey, Canada, France and others visited the portal. The web portal established creative contacts with the company “Art Project FORMAT A1”, an international project The Great Brittan- Russia aimed to develop modern art in Russia and share cultural experiences between the countries. The project was created by the Russian center of science and culture in Prague, the Portal of cultural heritage of Russia “Culture of the RF”, art centers of Turkey, Kazakhstan. 

The web portal actively cooperates with the Delegation of Bashkortostan in the cities of Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and others. Thanks toinformation interchange of the portal with different art centers artists receive invitations to participate in international, all-Russian contests. For example young performer Arsen Enikeev won the American audience dancing on the Alley of Glory. Artists of the Bashkir State philharmonic society named after K.Aklhmetov took part in the contest in the Czech Republic. Professor Elena Moroz gave an interview to the radio station “Svoboda-Azatlyk” in Europe having told about the culture of our republic. The company “Art Project FORMAT A1” carried out the first international festival at the Palace of culture “Neftyanik”. The American dance company FACT/SF headed by Charles Slender successfully performed in “Neftyanik”. 
In 2014 year thanks to the support of the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan the portal was awarded the Grant of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan R.Z.Khamitov. 
The editorial office of the portal is located at the State Concert Hall “Bashkortostan” that is a major concert hall in Ufa.


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