Немного истории Народного творчества

Folklore is one of the forms of arts and crafts. Genre originality, wealth of the Bashkir folklore are well-known. It was admired and recorded by the tens of regional ethnographers, scientists, writers such as P.M.Kudryashev, V.I.Dal’, H.G.Ignat’ev, S.G.Rybakov, etc.

The representatives of more than 100 nationalities live in Bashkortostan. They have become one family, they have learned to value friendship, help each other in need. Interethnic concords, traditions of good neighbourship are their common merit. Priorities of a public national policy in the republic are free development of all peoples, preservation of national languages, original national culture. It provides a balance in international relations, the atmosphere of confidence and mutual respect, the realization of the complex of state programs f.e.: the people of Bashkortostan 2003 – 2012, the program of preserving, studying and development of languages of RB, the program of studying, rebirthing and development of folklore of the people of RB.

One of the most significant tasks of the republic folk art is the rebirth and propagation of arts and craft. 17 exhibitions souvenirs were held and also 2 television workshops on producing souvenirs were conducted in the Gallery of folk art "Ural".

There are following kinds of folk crafts in the Republic of Bashkortostan:

Carpet manufacture: Miyakinsky, Uchalinsky, Al’sheevsky, Davlekanovsky, Gafurinsky districts.

Fluff knitting trade: Ziancurinsky, Fdorovsky, sterlibashevsky, Kugarchinsky, Kuyurgazinsky districts.

Birch bark, willow plaiting, wood carving, stone cutting art, embroidery are competitors in the Russian market.

State programs are carried out in Bashkortostan: «Peoples of Bashkortostan», «Preservation, study and development of languages of Bashkortostan peoples».The realization of the complex of public programs Thei relalization favors the development of original culture of people living in the territory of the republic.

Over 60 national culture centers including 8 national-cultural autonomies exist in the republic. These are — World Kurultay of Bashkirs, Cathedral of Russians, Congress of Tatars, Kanash (convention) of Chuvashs, Assembly of Finno-Ugric peoples, Regional Mari national-cultural autonomy «Ervel Mariy» etc. They are included in the Assembly of peoples of Bashkortostan, created in 2000.

Since 1995 the House of friendship of peoples RB works in the republic — it is a public institution of culture. Uniting the largest national organizations, the House of friendship co-ordinates their work, directs them to take active part in social, political and cultural life of our republic. Under the aegis of the House of friendship republican folk holidays are annually conducted, such as Russian Maslennitsa (Pancake week), Days of the Slavonic written language and culture, Turk "Navruz", Mari "Semyk", Byelorussian Ivan Kupaly and etc.

Experience of Bashkortostan in the decision of national-cultural problems, undoubtedly, has the all-Russian value. During one of his arrivals to Ufa, the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin highly estimated the experience of our republic in this sphere, underlining that «in Bashkiria, as in a drop of water, all of our Russia is reflected with its variety of cultures, religions, languages, friendship of people… We will follow the Bashkiria’s example and will set a high value on that was attained by Russia for hundreds of years».


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