Bashkir Choreography College was visited by honored guests

Bashkir Choreography College was visited by honored guests

On the eve of the Bashkir Choreographic College. Rudolf Nureyev was visited by the guests of honor - the first lady of Bashkortostan Karine Habirov and the spouse of the head of the Republic of Crimea Elena Aksenova.

The Minister of Culture of Bashkortostan Amina Shafikova and the director of the college Oliya Vildanova acquainted the guests with the life of the college. The guests visited the study and music rooms, visited the rooms for living and the rest room in the boarding school. In school museums, guests were told about the history of the educational institution.

Karine Vladimirovna was especially interested in the health of children in connection with the increased physical exertion of adolescents. The question was raised about regular collaboration with the city's medical and sports clinic. They also discussed a very important question for the school about the planned project of building a school theater and the reconstruction of the educational building.

    “The atmosphere of creativity and the traditions of educating gifted children left an honorable guest with a wonderful impression of the ballet school of Bashkortostan,” said Oliya Vildanova.

At the end of the visit, the guests were shown a small concert, presented books on the school and made a memorable photo.


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