In Moscow will be held a gala concert "Born in Bashkortostan"

In Moscow will be held a gala concert "Born in Bashkortostan"

In 2019, the Republic of Bashkortostan celebrates its 100th anniversary. Large-scale holiday projects in honor of a significant date in the history of Russian federalism are planned not only in the region, but also in the capital, Moscow.

March 6 at the Moscow International House of Music will be held a gala concert "Born in Bashkortostan". The most famous and beloved artists and masters of art, people from the Republic of Bashkortostan, will appear on the stage of the Svetlanov Hall of the House of Music.

The whole evening on stage is the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia, conducted by the famous countryman, an outstanding violin virtuoso and conductor, UNESCO World Artist, People’s Artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov.

The Golden Clarinet of Russia, the soloist of the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Society, the soloist of the programs of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic, and the acting will perform in the jubilee program with the orchestra. Artur Naziullin, artistic director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Bashkortostan; Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus; Rustem Khamidullin, cellist; Honored Artist of Bashkortostan; Timofey Vladimirov, a young musician and composer, Grand Prix winner of the II Moscow International Piano Competition Vladimir Krainev.


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