The premiere of the play “Gushtirk” took place in the Bashkir Drama Theater

The premiere of the play “Gushtirk” took place in the Bashkir Drama Theater

The Sterlitamak State Theater and Concert Association held its next premiere of the Bashkir Drama Theater after the novel “Gushtirk” by Ahiyar Khakimov. The performance was staged by director Aydar Zaripov. The musical arrangement was performed by a young composer V. Gafarov. The GITIS teacher of the scenography faculty of Moscow Elvira Asadullina became the art director of the play “Kushtiriak”, which embodied the scenery and stage costumes.

The performance was written by Vladimir Zherebtsov, with whom the Bashkir theater has been cooperating for many years. He is known to the spectator with his performances “I will not give you to anyone”, “Let me visit”, etc.

Cast: Marat Zubaev, Fr. .

 The novel "Kushtiryak" is written in a humorous way and tells about the people of the modern village, about the ways of the civil and moral formation of rural youth, about the desire for spiritual and political freedom. The author acts as a subtle researcher of the psychology and character of people of different ages. In this regard, the image of the main character Tankhylyu is of great interest. The writer unobtrusively introduces his readers into the inner world of a beautiful and advanced milkmaid of the village and skillfully shows the destructive influence of reality on the development of Tankhylyu's character that even the “perspicacious” party organizer of a collective farm cannot change anything, although it is the first to notice the changes occurring in it.

The premiere of the performance was sold out. Thundered long applause. It turned out bright, exciting, dynamic - 2 hours of theatrical action flew very quickly. The success of the performance was facilitated by magnificent costumes, and colorful slides, which made it possible to abandon the cumbersome scenery and quickly move from one place of action to another, and, of course, music and wonderful songs. They played a huge role in the play.

The artists performed remarkably all the musical numbers, each of which was a real decoration of the performance and caused a lively response from the audience.


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