История театров

The first Bashkir professional theatre was created in 1919 almost simultaneously with the creation of the Bashkir ASSR. It was nowadays the Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre named after Mazhit Gafuri.

In the 30-es several theatres: Republic, Russian. Puppet, the Theatre of Opera and Ballet appeared. Later state theatres opened in other towns of Bashkortostan: the Bashkir in Sibay and Salavat, the Russian and Bashkir in Sterlitamak. Although the national theatres successfully work in district centers, towns, recreation centers of Ufa. Two professional theatrical collectives appeared in trans-Ural. Also the National Youth Theatre opened in 1990 year in Ufa.

The theatrical Union "The Union of actor, managers, supporters and intellectuals" was created in 1980 year in Sterlitamak.

Bashkir Theatrical Art

The Bashkir theatrical art goes back to the ancient rites, games and holidays of the Bashkirs. Such as "The Bear’s Feast", "The Rook’s Porridge", "The Cuckoo's Tea", rites connected with the birth and socialization of child, marriage rites, medical magic presented the prototype of theatrical art. The rites, games and holidays include a lot of songs, dances which are performed by all participants of rite.

The Bashkir State Academic Theatre of Drama is a frequent guest at theatrical festivals. For example, it participates constantly in the International Festival of Turkic language theatres "Nauruz" (Kazan). It performed at the International Festival "Prostor-Theatre" in Istanbul two times in succession (2005, 2006), took part in the First Nomadic International Festival "Desired Shore" on the theme of "Genghis Khan’s images" (2005, Sakha-Yakutia, Buryat Republic) in all-Russia Festival "Real theatre" (Nizhny Novgorod, psychological thriller "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", September 2007)

2008 year - exchange tours of the Bashkir State Academic Theatre of Drama with Shanhaisky Centre of drama art took place in 2008 year.

2009 year – the Bashkir State Academic Theatre of Drama named after Mazhit Gafuri celebrated the 90th anniversary.

2010 year – within the framework of "The days of culture and science RB in Turkey" performance "Akhmetzaki Validi Tugan" was shown.

The People’s Artist, H.G.Utyashev leads the theatre today.

The history of the Russian theater art of Bashkortostan

The official date of birth of State Russian Drama Theatre is considered November 5, 1930.

The honored worker of culture of RSFSR L.Levitan and the theatre director, honored worker of culture of RSFS and Bashkortostan G.Gilyazev, later in 1983-1984 the honored worker of Bashkortostan V.Strizhevsky and the honored worker of arts of Bashkortostan M.Rabinovich where the leaders of the theatre.

The theatre moves to a new building in the centre of Ufa in 1982 year. This made it possible to open the Small hall, improve the technique of the theatre. The State Academic Russian Drama Theatre of RB is a participant and winner of All-Russian and International Festivals of different years. For example

1993 and 1995 – the International Festival of Russian drama theatres in Ioshkar Ola

1994 –the International Festivals in Yalta and Moscow

1997, 1999, 2005 – the International Festival of the Theatres without borders in Magnitogorsk

1998 – All-Russia Festival in Kostroma, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of A.N.Ostrovsky and the International Festival of theater avant-garde in Estonia.

2000-2003 – Theatre Festival of chamber’s performances "He and She" in Tolyatti.

2004 – the theater festival "Golden seahorse" in Tyumen

2005 – the International Theatre Festival "Real theatre" in Yekaterinburg

2006 – the International Theater Festival "White river" in Brest (Belarus)

2007 – the International Festival Fontanon Estate in Rome (Italy) 

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