The history of cinematography

A lot of films of the film studio "Bashkortostan" were awardees and laureates of various international and Russian film festivals.

The big acceptance of merits of cinematographers was that fact that Amir Gabdul’manovich Abdrazakov, the director of the film studio "Bashkortostan" was awarded the State Award of the Republic of Bashkortostan named after Salavat Yulaev for the creation of the documentary film "Unsubdued spirit".

At the present time the firma Project institute "Bashkirgrazhdanproekt" projects a new complex of the film studio "Bashkortostan".

Film show in the territory of the republic provides (On January 1, 2008) 439 camera unions. Among them there are 40 stationary cinemas and 3999 rural cinema units in clubs, houses and palaces of culture in district centers that performs the functions of patriotic, moral upbringing of youth, propaganda of healthy life-style.

The propaganda action of the best works of domestic and world cinematographic premieres of new films and different thematic shows take place in the Republic of Bashkortostan from time to time.

At the present time according to decrees and orders of the government of the Republic of Bashkortostan №1326-r, dated from October, 27 the film production and hire, a joint republic organization, was created by joining of the SUE "Bashkinovideoprokat" in the SUE of RB cinema film "Bashkortostan".

One of the important conditions of the promising development of branch is manpower training. At the present time over 50 students study in the creative universities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg at the target direction of the Ministry of culture of RB.

The Ministry of culture of RB cooperates actively with the State University of cinema and television of St.-Petersburg where the future specialists of the cinema film "Bashkortostan" and the television and radio broadcasting company "Bashkortostan" are future film directors, audio operators, engineers and economists.


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