Bashkir Drama Theater prepares for tour in Moscow

Bashkir Drama Theater prepares for tour in Moscow

The first tours this year of the Bashkir State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gafuri will be held from 4 to 6 February in Moscow at the Main Stage of the Pushkin Theater. The whole creative staff of the theater goes to Moscow.

The Moscow audience will be offered “Zuleikha opens his eyes” (G. Yakhina, Ya.Pulinovich), “Shaurakei” (M. Burangulov), “Meet the Dream” (A. Ishbuldin, based on the story by A. Baymukhametov) and a theatrical concert.

On February 4, in the tour playbill - the play “Zuleikha opens his eyes”, which for the second year invariably gathers full halls in Ufa and is nominated for the prestigious theatrical prize “Golden Mask”. The performance and in the poster of the Golden Mask of this year - the jury of the festival will watch the performance on the opening day of the tour. The prize is nominated by the director of the play Ayrat Abushakhmanov, actress Rimma Kagarmanova for the role of Zuleikha, lighting designer Ilshat Sayakhov. Albert Nesterov is declared in two nominations - "The Artist's Work" and "The Costume Artist's Work".


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