The finalists of the youth festival "Yeshlek Show - 2018" are known

The finalists of the youth festival "Yeshlek Show - 2018" are known

Yesterday a qualifying round of the Republican Youth Festival “Yeshlek Show - 2018” took place in Ufa. One of the brightest youth projects is taking place this year for the 26th time.

Traditionally, the jury determined the best on the basis of two rounds, the first of which was held in absentia. The organizing committee assessed applicants for the applications sent by e-mail of the festival. Of the more than fifty applications, 27 contestants were selected, who passed a live audition on the RK Pravda stage.

The skill of the contestants was assessed by a competent jury composed of: popular singer-songwriter Zagit Kunafin (MS Bash), composer and singer Ilnur Ramazanov, public figure and philanthropist Aigul Khuzhina, head of international projects Aigul Ahmadeeva, general director of the Republican Scientific and Technical Center Arthur Alibakov, producer of national projects Ildar Ishkinin, director of the festival Asiya Shakhmina.

According to the results of the qualifying round of the final of the festival “Yeshlek-Show - 2018”, the following were held: Zubarzhat Yunusbayeva (Baymak district), Aygiz Ishmurzin (Baymak), Zalif Yagudin (Abzelilovsky district), Azat Ramazanov (Arkhangelsk district), Diana Shigapova (city Ufa), Rif Rysbayev (Burzyan District), Lyaysan Khaliullina (Iglinsky District), Gaziz Akhmetov (Baymak), the Malay-Shalai Group (Ufa) and Adil Kilov (Chelyabinsk Region).

Young performers will perform on the same stage together with their star colleagues: RNT, MS Bash, Rail Umetbaev, Jan Lira, Gaisar Mindigulov, Ilnur Ramazanov, Nail BashStyle, the Bahetle group, Radmir Ismagilov, Lyaysan Galimov, Galsar Baiguskova, Riya Rya Ryaya, Riya Ryamanov, Lyasan Galimova, Galsar Baiguskova, Riya Dautova, Rafis Ishbayev, Ilyas Kinyagulov, as well as special guests from Moscow - the Zaman group.

The gala concert of the festival will take place this week, on Saturday, December 8, at the State Concert Hall "Bashkortostan". Beginning at 19:00.
Tickets can be ordered by phone: 8-927-333-17-17 or purchased on the website:


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