Russian Drama Theater went on tour to Ryazan

Russian Drama Theater went on tour to Ryazan

The Russian Drama Theater of the Republic of Bashkortostan went on tour to Ryazan. From 19 to 25 November, the 3rd International Theater Festival of Love Performances “Dating at the Theater” takes place on the stage of one of the oldest theaters in Russia - the Ryazan State Order “Badge of Honor” of the regional drama theater.

The festival is attended by teams from Moscow, Perm, Pskov, Minsk (Republic of Belarus), Naples (Italy), Aktobe (Republic of Kazakhstan). Already today, the Ufa Theater will present the play “Imaginary Sick,” directed by Grigory Lifanov in one of the most famous plays by French playwright Jean-Baptiste Moliere.

This performance will be seen by the residents of Ryazan for the first time, and in the theater they are sure that the Russian Drama Theater will be able to leave only positive impressions.

"In the interpretation of our theater, this performance turned out really about love, which each of us sometimes is so painfully lacking. That's why Argan is trying to be performed by Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of Belarus Alexander Federyaev to attract attention in all possible ways. For ease and wit the comedy of the provisions suddenly opens the true depth of the experiences of the heroes - and timid lovers, and the servants of proscenium, and even real schemers and villains, "- write in the theater about the production.



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