In the theater "Nur" are preparing for the premiere of the play by Ahmet Faizi

In the theater "Nur" are preparing for the premiere of the play by Ahmet Faizi

Soon in the Ufa State Tatar Theater “Nur” there will be a premiere of the comedy based on the play by Ahmet Faizi “Life is a success!” (“Cast out tormysh”). The premiere is scheduled for December 14 and 15 in the Great Hall. Now a continuous rehearsal process is taking place in the theater, in the upcoming premiere almost the entire troupe of theater artists is involved. Everyday work takes place under the direction of the main director of the theater, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Republic of Tatarstan Bayras Ibragimov.

Whatever cards life offers, you can put together an excellent combination with a good deal. Like the characters of our fascinating story. Everyone wants to arrange his life in the best way, successfully using the current situation. The head of the regional branch wants to raise and move to the capital, his wife - new perspectives for herself, sister-in-law - it’s profitable to get married. The other side, though not so greedy, but also wants happiness and a comfortable existence. Perhaps that is why castles often happen in the field of life. And this is not a loss at all, but only new horizons, brilliant opportunities for heroes, whose life is still successful.

Tickets can already be purchased through the official website: and ticket office: 8 (347) 248-95-33, 89177650527.



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