All-Russian photo exhibition "Paths to the highlands - 2018" will reach Ufa

All-Russian photo exhibition "Paths to the highlands - 2018" will reach Ufa

December 9 in Ufa on the basis of the Multimedia Historical Park "Russia - My Story" the All-Russian photo exhibition "Paths to the Highlands - 2018" will open.

The main goal of the exhibition is to draw attention to active tourism and acquaint people with the amazing and unique nature of Bashkiria.

The exhibition will tell residents and visitors of the capital about what unique tourist opportunities the nature of Bashkiria has: how can one go back to absolute taiga and tundra within 200 kilometers; how to arrange an unforgettable weekend within 2-3 days; how rich and diverse the relief of the republic is, which allows athletes to train year-round and stay in shape and win prizes.

The organizers of the exhibition highlight a special tribute to the memory of the climbers who died this year - countryman Rustem Amirov and compatriot Sergey Glazunov. Photos from the personal archives of friends and relatives, tell what a bright and decent life these strong people have lived.

Participation in the exhibition will take photographs of athletes and travelers, achievements and recreation which are directly related to the mountains. Mountaineers, mountain tourists, skyrunners, climbers, skiturovtsy and just travelers, first-person lovers in their photos will tell about what the Republic lives and breathes, the achievements of its representatives not only in the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan, but also beyond its borders.

In addition, as part of the photo exhibition, master classes, lectures, meetings and conversations with famous travelers from Bashkiria will be held. They will tell about the history of tourism in the Republic, outstanding mountain sportsmen, how to survive in the mountains, choose equipment, go through the categorical mountain route, as well as interesting stories from the tourist life.



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