История музыки

The professional musical art of Bashkortostan was forming in the first half of the 20 century. The opening of the Bashkir studio of the Moscow State Conservatory in 1932 was the historic event that marked the beginning of professional musical education. Its graduates of the 40-50s were the first generation of Bashkir professional composers. Before the October revolution, Bashkirs had mainly verbal musically poetic creation.

The opening  of the Bashkir Philharmonic Society and Bashkir Theater of Opera and Ballet (1938) was marked by the beginning of "new era" in the national culture. The group of Russian composers was sent to Bashkiriya in 30es for creation of national repertoire and they wrote compositions of opera and ballet genre, using folk tales, legends, epic stories, folk-lore musical themes; operas: "Mergen" (1940) and "Ashkadar" (1944) by A. Eykhenvald, "Karlugas" ("Swallow"), 1941, A. Chemberdzhi, and ballets: "Crane song" (1944) by L. Stepanov and "Mountain true story" (1951) by A. Klyucharev.

The sphere of creation of the first generation composers became theatrical performances in traditions of folk-lore synthetic actions: folk comedies, plays of the first national dramatists (S. Miftakhov, G. Akhmetshin, M.Gafuri, B.Bikbay and etc). The result of such intensive development of musical culture of prewar years was the organization of the Bashkir Union of Composers (1940), its first chairman was M. Valeyev.

At the turn of 40-50-s there was passing to the second stage — professional composer creations, related to the beginning of activity of young musicians, graduters of Moscow conservatory: H. Akhmetov, Z. Ismagilova, R. Murtazin, N. Sabitov, N. Zaimov and some other. The first Bashkir composer, consistently working in the genre of symphony, was Murtazin. The opening of the Bashkir Philharmonic Society and Bashkir Theater of Opera and Ballet (1938) was marked by the beginning of "new era" in the national culture. The opening of the Ufa State Institute of Arts (1968, UGII) and creation of the Bashkir State Choir of the Ministry of culture BASSR (1970) played an important role in further growth of the music culture of Bashkortostan.Graduates of the Ufa State Institute of Arts and other musical higher education institutions of the country made a new generation of Bashkir composers in the creation of works of various genres.

Annual festivals of ancient and modern chamber, choral and symphonic music, regular symphonic concerts of the orchestra of the Theater of Opera and Ballet,  festival "Music of composers of Volga and Ural", conducted by the Union of Composers of Bashkortostan, regular symphonic concerts of the orchestra of the Theater of Opera and Ballet, etc. and etc. became extraordinarily important events in the concert life of our republic in 80-90’s years/ Creation of classic national ballet is inseparably linked with the name of N.Sabitov. He wrote dramatic ballets the "Mountain eagle", "Gulnazira" "I love you, life", "Country Aygul". The genre of children’s ballet occupies the separate place in the creative heritage of the composer: "Buratino" and "Murzilka-cosmonaut".

The new stage of development of pop music genre is related to mastering of modern intonations, rhythm and timbres, enriched with electronic-acoustic effects. In the 60-es the founders of new style were leaders of pop collectives of the Bashkir State Philharmonic Societies B. Gaysin, N. Galeyev and others, and also composers of R.М. Khasanov, R.H. Gazizov, А.Т. Karimov (70-es). In the 80-90-es the development of pop music is linked with composers R.H. Sakhautdinova, А.М. Kubagushev, R.R. Ziganov, N.А. Dautov, S.А. Nizamutdinov, I.М. Khalilov and others. The opening of pop music department in Ufa College of Arts (UUI, 1974) played an important role in the development of culture of the pop music in the republic.

The turn of the second and third millenniums is marked with the activation of cultural-musical life of our republic. The new artistic collectives have appeared: the National Orchestra of Bashkir Folk Instruments, Symphojazz-orchestra, "Oscar-quartet"; new concert halls were opened. 

The illustration of the growth of music culture and the professionalism of composers and musicians of Bashkortostan is their successful appearance at international competitions. Concert activity is conducted by the creative collectives of our republic: the National Symphonic Orchestra, the chamber band "Soloists of Bashkortostan", Symphonic Orchestra of the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Bashkir musicians achieved considerable success in the development of different genres of popular music.


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