Озеро Банное

Озеро Банное

  • Bath (Yaktykul, Yaktykul, Mauyzzy, Baska Yaҡty kүl -. "Bright lake") - Lake in Bashkortostan in the Urals Basin.

    Mirror area - 7.7 square kilometers; catchment area - 36.3 square kilometers; length - 4170 m, width - 1880 m; maximum depth of 85 m, average - 10.6 m, water volume - 81.7 million m³, catchment area - 36.3 square kilometers.
    The lake is located in the middle part of the Bashkir Trans-Urals Kutukay between the peaks (664 m), Karanyalyk (620 m) and the spurs of Yamankaya, 28 km north-east of the village Askarovo, Abzelilovsky district center district of Bashkortostan, 45 km north of Magnitogorsk.
    The lake is of tectonic origin. Bath is the most deep-water basin, not only within the Trans-Urals, but throughout the country as a whole. The lake water is fresh, transparent. The banks are steep, sometimes steep, sloping slightly to the west. From the lake follows the river Yangelka, right tributary of the Ural River.
    According to legend, the name of the lake due to the fact that Emelyan Pugachev ordered his troops before the battle "ban system", that is to clean up in alkaline water Yaktykul.
    The lake and its surroundings - a favorite vacation spot. Around the lake are located sanatoriums and recreation, there is a ski center on the mountain shoe.


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