Озеро Мулдаккуль

Озеро Мулдаккуль

  • Muldakkul (Muldak; Bash Muldaҡ kүl.); local name - Tozlokul (Bash Toҙlokүl -. "salt lake") - salty closed lake in Abzelilovsky Bashkortostan region. Nearby are the village of Lakeside, Mountain Muldak-tau. 15 km to the west - Magnitogorsk.

    Muldak located on the watershed Yangelka Small and Dogwood.
    The climate is temperate continental. Winter is moderately cold; the average January temperature is -12 ° C. Summer is warm; the average July temperature of 18 ° C. Precipitation about 350 mm per year. Weather prevails dry with an annual duration of sunshine 2100 hours.
    Lake basin rounded shape with a symmetrical structure leveled sediment capacity of 25 m the gentle shores of the lake grow salt-loving rare plants: glasswort, puccinellia. Wood is rare because of the abundance of salt. The high salinity of the water prevents the development of freshwater species of aquatic organisms, including fish fauna, except for certain species of insects.
    Redistribution mineralization components in evaporation from water surface conditions, the removal of organic and mineral substances from the catchment area, the lack of forests around the lake create the conditions for the deposition of sediments. The solid sludge deposits start at 100 meters from the shore, the total amount of up to 1 million tons. In some places along the banks and on the bottom there are large reserves of salt curative black mud used sanatoriums Bashkortostan (on the basis of open mud resort "Yaktykul").
    Bitter-salty brine lake Muldak-Kul have long been used by locals for the treatment of skin diseases related to sulfate-chlorine-magnesium-sodium type of lake water, the content of magnesium (25 mg / l), sulfate (20 mg / l). Climatotherapy, mud therapy (overall, local baths, mud tampons), balneotherapy (radon, aromatic and sea baths), physiotherapy, manual, underwater and pelvic massage, inhalation, psychotherapy, phytotherapy, speleotherapy, exercise therapy.


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