Пещера Сумган-Кутук

Пещера Сумган-Кутук

  • Sumgan-Kutuk (Sumgan) - Cave in Bashkortostan, one of the largest limestone caves in the Urals. Located on the western slope of the ridge Kibiz, between the rivers White and Nugush, at the confluence of upland Sumgan and Kutuk.

    The length of the cave is 9860 m, depth -. 130 m form a complex maze with horizontal and inclined galleries, extended in the south-west and south-east directions. The maze consists of 3 storeys, connected wells. In the cave, many large rooms with plenty of speleothem. Input the well has a depth of 70 m. Air temperature reaches 6,5 ° C. In the lower tier of the underground river flows (in a southerly direction, the average water flow rate of 0.3 m³ / s). Close to the entrance well has a long frost of about 600 m². In winter, the walls of the entrance well and a number of rooms are covered with crystals of frost, ice, there are stalactites and stalagmites.
    The history of research begins in 1959, when the professor A.I.Olli conducting geological exploration area, discovered at the confluence of upland logs Sumgait and powerful Kutukov failure, leaving vertically vniz.Tolko in 1965 karst and speleological expedition of the Bashkir State University under the direction of E .D.Bogdanovicha made a first attempt to assault, reaching the first ledge at a depth of 75 meters and find here the complex system of vertical and horizontal strokes, members of the assault team were forced to retreat due to lack of equipment. And only a year later a special expedition cavers led by the Bashkir Regional Council for Tourism and Excursions NA Chvanova made the first pass and topographic mapping of the largest caves in the Urals. Even today, one can not say that Sumgayit-Kutukov investigated fully.
    Since 1965 declared a natural monument.


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