Гора Балкан-Тау

Гора Балкан-Тау

  • Mount Balkan-Tau Bashkortostan is located 12 kilometers from the town of Davlekanovo, the administrative center of the Republic of Bashkortostan Davlekanovsky District. 

    Mountain Balkan-Tau i  Bashkortostan is a remnant top. Remnant are isolated hills, which are relics of the relief of the ancient epochs of mountain building, preserved in the former are ridges or island mountains young local mountain building, if the ancient hills of the area have been destroyed in the previous era of mountain building.
    At the foot of the Balkan Mountains Tau Bashkortostan is located the largest lake in the country - Aslykul. Reservoir length of 7 kilometers, width of 5 kilometers, and water surface area of ​​23.5 square kilometers, the average depth - 5.1 meters.
    Since 1965 Balkan-Tau is a regional natural monument. Here grow elements flora evrosibirskiy, European and Eurasian lineages. Among them, there are some kinds of rare and endemic plants of Bashkiria: Ephedra dvuhkoloskovaya, ovsets desert, Guelma Astragalus, Oxytropis hairy and others. Endemic Sweetvetch macranthon gives a beautiful backdrop to the community plant groups. The top mentioned in the Bashkir epic - in the legend of lovers Zayatulyake Hyuhylu and hence there was a second name Balkan mountain-Tau Bashkortostan-Zaytulyaktau.


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