Гора Иремель

Гора Иремель

  • Iremel (Bash Irәmәl.) - The second largest peak of the Southern Urals, located in the northeast region Beloretsk in Bashkortostan.

    Mountain is ancipitate array, which consists of:
    • Big Iremel plateau-like apex with Boar (Bash - stack.), The height of 1582.3 m;
    • Small Iremel, the height of 1449.4 m.
    The tops of the saddle are portion separated about 1 km wide and a height of 1200-1250 m.
    The length of the north-east to south-west at 12 km, from north-west to south-east - 8 km.
    At the foot of the array are arranged origins Tygyn rivers, Bruise, Big Avnyar, Karagayka and Tyulyuk. These rivers are tributaries of the White River, which also goes back over the ridge near Avalyak.
    Republic of Bashkortostan Government Decision of the territory adjacent to the top of Iremel (including Avalyak Ridge) declared a natural park.


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