Гора Большой Шелом

Гора Большой Шелом

  • Shelom Big, Big Shalom - a mountain ridge on Zigalga Southern Urals. The height of the mountain is 1427 meters, is the highest and most southern tip of Zigalga ridge and the third highest mountain in South Ural, except for the Small Iremel. In view of the Small Iremel - 4th height. Above him, the only Big Yamantau (1640 m), the Big Iremel (1582 m), the Small Iremel (1464 m).

    Large Shelom together with another by 3 vertices Zigalga is located to the north of it, forms a group Shelomov. Besides Big Mountain Shelom there was still a small Shelom, as well as the 3rd and 4th Shelomy. The top of the Greater Solomon is a mountain tundra plateau with two outliers. One is in the north-eastern part, and the other in the south-east. Southeast outlier and is the highest point of the mountain. To the south stretches from the top of a fairly vast plateau that gradually reduces further to the south, in the valley of the river Katav dividing ridges Zigalga and Nara.
    The typical profile of the mountain is visible in good weather from many points of the Southern Urals, including from the federal highway M5. It is difficult to confuse with any other node.


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