Ахметов Хусаин

Ахметов Хусаин

Form of activity: composer, musical public person

Years of life: 6.1.1914 - 8.1.1993

Creative activity: There is the country Chingiz in Bajmaksky area. It is rich with historical events. It is also the native land of many talented people. Khusain Fajzullovich Akhmetov, a famous composer, the honoree of the award named after Salavat Yulaev, the honored arts worker of RSFSR and BASSR, the national actor of RSFSR.

Khusain Akhmetov is the founder of Bashkir classical romance (“Night Ural”), vocal Bashkir ballads and poems. His famous romantic sonata-fantasy brightens the pianoforte music of Bashkortostan. He is the author of several of pianoforte suites including Lyrical Sonata, the brightest symphonic fresco.  It is merry, full of the fresh air of Bashkir plains.

The opera “Contemporaries” (Bayazit Bikbai’s libretto) gave successfully its first performance.      

During all his creative activity Akhmetov was searching for the new methods of musical expression, conformable to the national artistic thinking. Being the expert and performer-folklorist of Bashkir uzun-kjuja (drawling song), he has no equal.

For many years he had been working as the main creative director in the Bashkir State Philharmonic Society and chairman in the choral society of Bashkortostan - his opinion was authoritative.

Khusain Faizullovich Akhmetov died on January 8, 1993. The memoir, published in newspapers, his role was marked in the development of Bashkir musical culture. The H.F. Akhmetov’s creative work has the different themes and genres. It is opera and ballet, symphonic and choral, chamber-vocal compositions, music for performances and films. More than 300 songs and romances, several vocal cycles, ballads and poems created by the artist made a significant contribution to musical culture.

The composer treated folklore with big love. More than 100 people’s songs are collected and published in a separate collection. “The choral compositions of Bashkir composers” and “Baskir drawling song” were his compositions.



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