Алиев Батырша

Алиев Батырша

Kind of activity: the ideologist and participant of the Bashkir revolt of 1775-1756 years, writer of political essays

Years of life: 1710 – June, 24, 1762
Creative biography: in the historical literature is known under Abdulla Aleev’s name (the real name Gabdulla Galiev). The native of the village Karnyshevo of the Siberian road, nowadays Baltachevsky region of RB, he received education well enough for that time: studied in several medrese, in 1744-1749he was a teacher and mulla in different villages of Gayninskaya district of Osinskaya road and Isetskaya provinces.Since1754 year he was elected asahun (the head of muslims) of the Siberian road, but he did not take this office.

In the spring of 1755 year Batyrsha Aliev addressed to the Muslim population of the region with the extensive appeal in which he opposed against the governmental restrictions of ceremonialism, prohibitions to local population to duty-free extraction of salt, excessive taxes and duties. The appeal contained the requirement of full liberation of Bashkiria from colonial dependence on the Russian state and creation of the independent Muslim state. This appeal was actually the program of revolt and was sent for all four roads of Bashkiria. But during the revolt instead of resolute actions Batyrsha Aliev took a waiting position, and then he disappeared in woods with his followers. The revolt was soon suppressed. On August, 8th, 1756 in the village Azjak of Osinskaya road (nowadays the village Azyakovo of Buraevskiy region) Batyrsha was seized and delivered to Moscow, and then to Petersburg. Being in prison, he made a report to the Empress Elizabeth about the reasons of revolts in Bashkortostan in 1755. The peaceful character of local population is marked in it: „The Bashkirs never moved, until they suffered oppressions from Russians“. At the same time it is specified, that misdeeds come not only from Russian heads and generals, but also from hypocrites-foremen, representatives of natives. Batyrsha Aliev’s special anxiety is caused with religious oppressions — violent Christianization of the people of the Volga region. In the report motives of association of Turkic people, Islamic unity in the name of achievement of social justice is also contained. He stressed, that well-being of Bashkirs depends not so much on authority of the padishah (Russian tsar), but on putting in order the structure of executive authorities. Between the padishah and people there is an army of officials which should serve the state fairly and truly: „We do not name the padishah as a villain, he is fair, however what is the advantage of his justice keeping in the bosom and not reaching us? Batyrsha Aliev underlines the idea of legitimacy of reciprocal actions of people on elimination of misdeeds, emphasizes the necessity of studying of the public opinion expressed at national assemblies — dzhienah.

Two years investigation lasted, and in December, 1758 was pronounced sentence: punishment by lashes and pulling out of nostrils, life imprisonment in Shlisselburgskaya fortress. In 1762 Batyrsha Aliev died in fight with prison guards.



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