Асанбаев Нажиб

Асанбаев Нажиб

Nazhib Asanbayev (Nikolai Vasiliyevich Asanbayev) was born on the 7th of November, 1924, in the village of Akman, Bakaly region, Bashkortostan. He was educated at the Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute. He was a participant of the Great Patriotic War. He took up literature in the 1940s.

He is known as a playwright. “Raisa”, “Faizi”, “Zaitungul” and others are the plays of morals. His popular and well-known play “Red Pasha” (1982) was staged in many theatres of the country.

Ranks and rewards:

• Order Red Star (1944);

• Order of The Patriotic War of the 1st Class (1945);

• Order of The Patriotic War of the 2nd Class (1985);

• Order of People’s Friendship;

• Battle Medals;

• Order named after Salavat Yulaev (1983);

• Laureate of the republican premium named after Salavat Yulaev (1983);

• Honoured Cultural Worker of BASSR (1976);

• Honoured Cultural Worker of RSFSR (1980).



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