Атнабаев Ангам

Атнабаев Ангам

Angam Kasimovich Atnabaev born on 23 February 1928 in the village of Old Kurds Birsk canton BASSR (now Tatyshlinsky District Republic of Bashkortostan).

In the period from 1943 to 1951 Angam Atnabaev taught in the Tatar language Aksaitovskoy and secondary schools Kurdymskoy Tatyshlinsky District. He studied at the Kazan Pedagogical Institute.
In the period from 1951 to 1968, he worked first as a literary associate, and then head of department in the editorial office of the republican newspaper "Kyzyl tan".
Since the beginning of 1977 to 1980 Angam Kasimovich he works as deputy editor of "Henek" ( "forks") republican satirical magazine.
Angam Atnabaeva debut in literature took place in the 50-ies of XX century, and in 1958 came to the light his first collection of poems, "A Conversation with the heart." He has also written more than 20 books of poetry and poems, such as "Meeting with the youth" (1961), "I appeal to you" (1963), "My love, longing, my" (1968), "The way of the heart" ( 1971), "You are always with me" (1972), "The years left song" (1975), "Melodies of bell" (1978) and others.
A. Atnabaev successfully worked in the genres of drama. His drama "He's back" ( "Street ҡaytty", 1960), "The verdict mother", "On the last day of summer" ( "Yәyҙeң һuңғy kөnө", 1961), "Gemini", "On legal marriage", "shonqar" ( "Shoңҡar", 1977), "The Song of love" ( "Mөhәbbәt turaһynda yyr", 1968), "Fire" ( "VT", 1974) and others built on the sharp, dramatic conflicts, intractable social and moral controversy. They were put on the stages of theaters in the republic. In the center of his play "He's back" ( "Street ҡaytty", 1960) describes the fate of a person who lived through the war, captivity and wander the ocean.
A. Atnabaev created their works in Tatar, Bashkir language was published in translation (Interview with his son A. Atnabaeva).



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