Бабич Шайхзада

Бабич Шайхзада

A Bashkir poet, representative of national poetry Shaikhzada Babich was born on the 2nd of January 1895, in the village of Asyan, Birsk region, Ufa province (present Durtuli region, Bashkortostan)

He got his education at the Muslim School “Galiya”in Ufa. In his school time he was already much interested in literature. Later he took up this subject inspired with great ideas of Enlightenment. (“For People”). He greeted the revolution and all his ideas, feeling and thoughts he expressed in such books as “Long Live”, “Worker!”, “The Gift of Fate”.
Besides, Sh.Babich is a subtle lyrical poet who could skillfully express the beauty of nature and tender feelings. (“Spring Song”, “Open Your Eyes”).
Babich is a brilliant satirist and humorist. His ballad “Bug” and poem “Gazazil” became famous in Turk literature.



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