Бабичева Тансулпан

Бабичева Тансулпан

Kind of activity: actress, teacher, stage director

Date of birth: May 15, 1953 in Davlekanovo, BASSR
Creative biography:
She is known to the public and among specialists not only as a talented actress, People’s Artist of the republic of Bashkortostan (1994) and Honourable Artist of the Russian Federation (1980). She educated from the Ufa State Institute of Arts in 1974 year and became an actress of the Bashkir State Academic Dramatic Theatre by Mazhit Gafuri.
Zubardzat and Shafak have become the best roles and noticeable phenomenon in the art of Tansulpan Babitcheva („In the night of lunar eclipse“ by Mustai Karim, Aislu in „Luna Evenings of Aislu“ by I. Abdullin, Ilona Algren „The Women of Niskavuori“ by H. Vuolioki and many other roles). These personages reflect the changes, occurring in the aesthetics of Bashkir Theater for the last decades, directly connected with further development of humanistic direction in the Bashkir theatrical art.
„These works are very valuable for me and I hope spectators like these roles too“ – the actress said at her own benefice in the honor of her golden jubilee.
Tansulpan Babitcheva is rewarded with the Republican Prize named after Salavat Ulaev (1981) and with the prize and the diploma of the IV all-Russian festival of national dramaturgy and theatrical art of nations of the USSR (1982). She is considered to be one of the most beloved pedagogues for many leavers of the Ufa State Academy of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov.


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