Баимов Роберт

Баимов Роберт

A famous writer, specialist in literature and critic, Robert Nurmukhametovich Baimopv was born on the 10th of January, 1937 in the village of Utyagan, Karmaskali region, Bashkortostan. He was educated at the Bashkir State University and the post-graduate school of the Moscow State University. He is a Doctor of Philology, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Science of Bashkortostan.

 His work in the sphere of literature began in 1960s. His monographs “A Step into Maturity” (1975), “There  Is No End to Searching” (1980), “The Fate of the Genre” (1986), “Bashkir Historical-Revolutionary Novel”(1980), “Creative Styles” (1977), “River-heads and Mouths” (1993) and others got high appreciation.

 R.Baimov is one of the authors of the “Encyclopedia of Bashkortostan” and “The History of Bashkir Literature” in six volumes. He is the author of a number of textbooks, manuals for schools and higher educational institutions. R.Baimov is the author of books “A delayed Melody”, “We’ll Return as Soldiers”, “Hidden Treasure”, “Thirst”, and the novel “The Judgment Day” (1989). His novel “The Flight of a Hawk” (1997) is about the Bashkir national movement of the beginning of century.



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