Бикбай Баязит

Бикбай Баязит

Bayazit Bikbai (Bayazit Gayazovich Bikbaev) was born on the 19th January, 1909 in the village of Kalta, Kumertau region, Bashkortostan. He studied at the Bashkir Pedagogical College in Orenburg.

He took up literature in the 1930s, worked in the genres of poetry, prose and playwriting. In his famous work “The Land’ written in the 30s he represented an original poetic image of the historical past and the present of Bashkir people.

In his books of poems “Our Town”. "A Handkerchief" the poet admires heroism of Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War”. The process of colonization of the Bashkir land is shown in his play “Karlugas” (1938); he also has written the heroic-dramatic poem “Salavat” (1952), the script for the opera “Azat”, the musical comedy “Kodasa”, and the tragedy “Shaura”.
In the novel “When Akselyan Overflows” the tragedy of personality in the 30s is described. His pieces of prose “White Flower” (1963), “Life Streams” (1968) are of autobiographical character.
B. Bikbai was awarded Order of the Red Banner of Labour and the Badge of Honor.



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