Биккул Шариф

Биккул Шариф

Bashkir Soviet writer and poet. Editor of "Pioneer" magazine and the newspaper "Pioneer of Bashkortostan" (1952-62 gg.) Executive secretary of the Union of Writers BASSR (1962).

In the years 1945-1949 he studied at Sharif Bikkulov History Department Bashgospedinstituta. He then worked as a teacher and assistant principal of the Ufa music school at the same time was the head of the literary part of the Bashkir State Academic Drama Theatre.
In 1952 he was appointed chief editor of the "Pioneer" magazine (now "Amanat"). Simultaneously Bikkulov Sharif organized a newspaper "Bashkortostan pioneers" and became its first editor. In 1962, he was elected executive secretary of the Union of Writers of Bashkortostan. Since 1977, Sharif Sagadatullovich - a professional writer.
Verses Sharif Bikkulov began to be published in the periodical press in the 40s of the last century. In his first book "desire", released in 1947, includes poems written during the war years and the combined pathos of the struggle against fascism, the pride of the heroic Soviet people, to defend the independence of the country and the beginning of peace building.
Books "Remembering the Past", "If I had known ...", "My love will not fade", "Eyes that I worship", "Wonderful Dream" and others are imbued with deep lyrics. In them the poet sings of the beauty and greatness of the native hand, friendship, brotherhood between peoples, praise the purity and sincerity of feelings. Many of his poems were set to music by Bashkir composers-songwriters.



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