Буляков Динис

Буляков Динис

Dinis Mudarisovich Bulyakov was born on the 18th of May, 1944 in the village of Arslan, Meleuz region, Bashkortostan. He was educated at the Gorky Institute of Literature in Moscow.

His first collection of short stories “A Splinter of the Sun” was published in 1971. His stories are characterized by imagery. He has a keen insight into human psychology. The characters of many of his stories are young people capable of sincere, romantic, lofty feelings. In “A Nightingale” (1975) the author discloses the humanist principles on the basis of modern moral and ethical problems.
In the narrative “A Bluebell”, “The Longest Night” , “The Edge of the Moon” different topical social and moral problems are raised. The novels “A Newcomer”, “Life is Given Once”, “The Exploded Hell” testify to D.Bulyakov’s having entered a new stage of perfection. Social, political and economic problems, tendencies, preventing the development of the country towards democracy are raised with all the acuteness.

His stories “A Dance over the Precipice, “The Maple Renews Its Leaves”, “Hot Snow” and others are devoted to various aspects of schoolchildren’s lives.




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