Бурзянцев Александр

Бурзянцев Александр

Kind of activity: Merited Artist of the of Russia and Bashkortostan, The People’s Artist.

Merits: Merited Artist of RSFSR, People’s Artist of BASSR, Winner of the State Award,  member of Artists’ Union  of the USSR since 1958
Creative biography: he was born in the family of office worker and rural teacher in the Novo Preobtrozhensk country (Barkal). In the 30-s his farther has been unreasonably arrested and in 1943 he was lost under Staliningrad in those places where was at war. Mother brought up 3 children.  At first time he has acquainted with painting in the age of 17 thanks to artist-front line Konstantin Lyapkin. According his advice he entered the Penza Art School. After finishing it he has worked as a art teacher in Zilairsky district, then he moved to Ufa anf there the talent of artist was completely revealed. Now paintings of Alexander Burzyantsev are in many museums: in the Tretyakov gallery, in Russian museum, and the greatest collection — in the State Art Museum named after Nesterov in Ufa.
Hi died on May, 1997.



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