Ямалетдин Маулит

Ямалетдин Маулит

Maulit Yamaletdinov (Mavletbai Baigild Yamaletdinov) was born no the 5th of March, in the village of Aslay, Uchaly region, Bashkortostan. He was educated at the Pedagogical Music College, High Courses of Literature in Moscow, the Bashkir State University.

His first poems appeared in press in the 1070s. His first collection of verses “Iremel” was published in1987. Then came “The Daughter of the Moon” (1981), “The Star of Dawn” (1986), “The Bird Khomai” (1988) and others. M.Yamaletdin follows the rich traditions of Bashkir national art, the heritage of the Bashkir sasans-improvisers. His compositions are characterized by metaphoric imagery, variety of forms. The poet writes about pece, love, good and evil, etc. He also turns to the Koran and its motifs.

The poet admires the beauties of the native land; he expresses sincere love ofMotherland.

 He works as well in the genre of prose: “I Haven’t Found the Way of Escape” (1992).



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